Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Walmart and Twila- What a day!

Let me make this disclaimer before telling my story: We are by no means in dire straits and (being one to never turn down money) don't need any money (at this time)(however if you feel the need to send some, feel free!!HA!HA!)
The kids and I went on our weekly Walmart trip today. We usually make this trip on Monday but I was evidently playing tag with the 24 hour stomach bug and got tagged so yesterday was a wash! We bought groceries for the week plus detergent, vitamins, and some of those little purple pills. We got to the check-out and with about 4 items left to be rung up Samuel said "hey mom, how much do you think it is now?" (This is a game we play) the clerk hit the total key and it was $13 over what I had in my pocket.( We have been on the cash only system for over 2 years now thanks to Dave Ramsey) So I only have what is in my pocket, no check, no card, no nothin! I told the lady "stop" she said "stop?" I said "STOP!!!! We have to put stuff back!" I was a little bit embarrased (read a lot embarrased!). So we put back the cokes, the sugar, the detergent, applesauce and bubbles. Nothing that was a nessacity for lunch or supper. I normally tell Stephen when I am buying detergent and anything extra so I get a little extra money, but I neglected to do that this time. So while making a hospital visit this afternoon he stopped by Walmart-a dfferent one- and got what I couldn't. What a nice guy!
And before you jump on the "he doesn't let you have any money" bandwagon let me say that that is a choice that was made by me, not him, right after Anna was born. I am a much happier, more easy-going person because of it.
One more thing before I go. One of the kids and my favorite songs is The Days of Elijah (which can be heard at www.twilaparis.com click on jukebox). I turn it way up and the kids come running to the office and dance around. There is nothing like seeing Anna standing up in her chair singing "there is no God like Jehovah" and seeing the boys dancing around repeating that phrase. I know that all kinds of kids are singing all kinds of songs but wow! when I see my kids singing Christian songs with a great message it just warms my heart. The song that plays after the Days of Elijah is "He is Exalted". This is Anna's favorite and she even knows what exalted means. I took a picture of Anna singing while I've been typing this but for some reason it won't post-sorry!
Well I know I have used many ( ) and " " in this and probably a few too many of these !!!!!!!
But I can't help it!
Hope your trips to Walmart are better than mine!!!


Sisters said...

I can totally hear them singing in the office...too cute! I love the Walmart story...it is SO you!

Matt and Becca said...

We love Dave Ramsey, but I use my debit card for groceries. We're still in (very expensive) special formula, diapers, etc. over here, so I thought it would be impossible. Cash for the rest, though. It's awesome. Go you!

lindsey said...

girl, i am all about some dave ramsey. i am going through financial peace university right now, and have started the envelope system. and i am kind of like you with cash....i would rather someone else hold onto it and dole it out when i need it. cash is dangerous in these hands!! ha ha!!