Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bad Puppy

Our fatihful readers will remember the puppy post last month. A puppy was donated for our school auction. A parent secured the donation and ensured me all was good with the pup. Well, wrong!
The couple that bought the puppy called me yesterday to let me know the puppy was in bad shape. The puppy store who donated the puppy gave us papers that don't match the dog, the dog has two diseases along with other issues. I know very little about dogs so I am not even going to begin to list the conditions because I would get it all screwed up and confuse you.
The past few weeks have been a soap opera for this family as they have tried to get all this straightened out. After spending more on the dog to keep it alive than they did to pay for the dog at the auction, the new owners are ready to sell it!
I called the Humane Society to turn in the puppy people and I was told the puppy place has lots of complaints on file. They are running a puppy mill. So sad and so my luck. Anyway, here is the skinny: don't put a live pet in an auction and don't buy a pet at an auction.



Anonymous said...

Abby Jo...Abby Jo...Only one of us could auction off a puppy and get it recalled. Sounds like what your paternal grandpa used to say:"If it was raining soup, I'd be stuck outside with a fork ! "