Monday, February 4, 2008

Five Years Ago...

My favorite wedding picture - Rand has it on his nightstand

Five years ago this week, I married my Randall. I am always so excited when this special date rolls around. We have the best love story and everyday the story gets better. Sometimes it feels like we have been married forever and other days it seems like it was just yesterday that he showed up at my cousin Hollye's back door with his beautiful blue eyes for the blind date my dear sister arranged for us. If I only knew then what that blind date had in! I am so glad it has lead me on this incredible life journey with my Rand.
We got married on a beautiful winter day that ended under a wonderful blanket of snow. It was perfect. I loved being a bride. I often tell people I would have been a bride forever if they would have let me! I think those closest to me were glad to see my bridal days come to an end. I milked it really good.
The past five years have been full of precious memories. The little things are what make the best memories for us. Rand buying me a 4-wheeler for our first married Valentine's day so I could drive instead of ride, Rand taking me to see the Rockette's on his birthday which was also the opening day of duck season (then for pay back, Rand making me go to a tractor pull AND a monster truck rally), sitting on the back porch on long country summer nights, discovering the Charlie Daniel's Museum by accident, Zoo Lights at Christmas, walking on the beach together at sunset, "cook up a date night" on Friday nights, frying chicken for the first and last time, people watching on Beale Street and sharing cake at the Peabody, summer weekends at the lake, watching Rand's face as I crossed the finish line at the Nike 26.2, having "dance party" at random times in the house while laughing until it hurts, and Rand kissing my forehead each morning before I depart for work are a few of the things that make my heart smile.
Life is never dull in our home and I love it. I am his little drama queen and he is my big drama king. I thank God everyday for the laughter and the tears because it makes us a solid, fun, lively and steady pair.

I can't wait to celebrate anniversary week!!!!



Anonymous said...

So very special and so sweet. I'm just so happy for you both. A marriage made in Heaven!


lindsey said...

congrats, girl!! i can't believe it has been 5 years! tell rand. congrats for me, too!
love you!