Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few questions

As I have been sitting in our schoolroom/office today I have asked myself these questions.

*** Why are my kids singing Christmas carols today?

*** Why is it so bitterly cold outside today after being so warm yesterday?

*** Why did I spend so much time racking my brain and searching trying to figure out where I had put my 3 wreath hangers. When in reality I only have 1, I have nails on my front doors for my wreaths.

*** Why is Easter coming so soon this year? I don't think I will get Anna's Easter dress in from Kelly's Kids in time, which means I have to buy a back-up dress-UGH!! And with it coming so soon I can't leave my Easter egg wreaths(that Abby made for me) up for as long, which means I will have to come up with something else to finish out spring. UGH-UGH!!!

*** Why is it that I finally "get" fractions? At my age? Why didn't I "get" them while in school when I was being graded on them?

I'm sure you have questions of your own you could add to the list, feel free to leave them in comments and we'll put them on here!



Sisters said...

Here is my question:
Are you ALREADY hanging your easter egg wreaths (made by your ever so talented sister)?

Tara said...

It's Tara from NHS and GABC. I have been reading your blog for a while. I went to school with you and Stephen and I remember Abby b/c she is friends with Melissa. Anyway, you two crack me up! I just had to comment on the whole "getting" fractions now. I help my 12 year old son with homework every night and I just realized that when you borrow you are actually borrowing 10. HA! Maybe I shouldn't be so eager to share that but, I do understand what you mean. Take Care!

Anonymous said...

You are so right girl! Maybe tomorrow will be better.