Friday, February 15, 2008

3 posts in 1 day?

Hey again! This is our third post in one day. It is a record for us. Sometimes we don't get 3 posts in one week!
Just wanted to let you all know that I took Anna to the doctor today. She was running a fever of about 101.5, runny nose, and over-all not feeling good. She only complained that her throat hurt. I took her, they looked at her and did the strep test. When the doctor came in to tell me that she did in fact have strep she also said that she was going to do a flu test on her, because some children were coming in with strep and flu. I told the doctor that they probably needed to give the mothers something for having to take those children home and keep them happy! HA! She came back and told me that I was one of those mothers! YES! Anna has strep and the flu! So all the kids are on tamiflu and Anna is in the house for 5 days.
I think I'm not feeling very good myself! HA!



Sisters said...

Poor Sis! Give her kisses from her Tante A and Uncle Rand.