Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Frosty Night - Completed!

Silent Auction Tables (the main purpose of the event)
I love Ms. Carolyn! She is me in 40 years.
(can you tell how hot I was in all that fur? The red cheeks are a dead giveway.)

The Legacy Center (our new gym)
Registration Table
Paper Mache Snowmen (created by middle school art students)
Live Auction Stage

Frosty Tablescape ( before candlight)

These are the few snapshots I took of the big event. I was too busy to take any pictures of the food stations, the snowflake ice sculpture, the awesome outdoor decorative display or the guests. Abby's Army was marching in high gear last night! (my boss and the board members call my volunteers "Abby's Army"). Hopefully the student newspaper can send me more snapshots this week. It was a success, well received and fun. After eighteen hours yesterday and twelve hours on Friday, I barely got out of the car last night when I arrived home. I literally had to hold on to the wall in the garage to make it inside. I am exhausted and glad I can now focus on other little things, like my 5 year wedding anniversary this Friday!

Thanks to all of you who sent text messages yesterday, left blog comments and sent emails wishing me well, while lifting me up in prayer. I promise that I felt each little prayer...thanks so much!


P.S. The puppy sold for $500 to a man who had not informed his wife he was bidding on it!


Anonymous said...

I am most proud of you! I know you have worked so hard to make this night a success and it looks like YOU DID IT!!!!! Way to go!
lovey mama

Anonymous said...

Everything was so beautiful. I loved that the little dog was in the auction. Great idea! We are so proud of you.
Mamaw and Uncle

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Abby Jo!!!

Your favorite Aunt

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so good, Abby! I know you are relieved to have it over with but all the hard work and time paid off. Glad it was a success!!


lindsey said...

my favorite part...the frosty lantern centerpieces!!! so cute! you did so good. i wish i could have been there!!! congrats for pulling it off!!!
love you