Friday, February 15, 2008

The Valentine Pressure

I am so glad Valentine's Day is over. I am not a huge fan of it. I love that it teaches kids to express love and show kindness to friends and family. I also enjoy all the red, pink and fun decorations. Other than that, I am not a huge fan.
I think my hubby shows me love everyday and there is really no need to place great expectations on him on February 14th. He is not the frilly, romantic type guy that is going to shower me with rose petals, candles, Godiva (though we do have some in our house leftover from Christmas - thanks to my sweet neighbor), romantic music and poetry. I think I would gag and then laugh at him if he did do all that!
He had roses delivered to me on our first Valentine's Day in 2002. I was in Conway at the time and the florist wouldn't deliver them to my work so he had them sent to to my Aunt Babs' house and I didn't get them until the 15th, when I arrived back in Memphis to celebrate with him. They got mixed in with all the other flowers from my grandmother's funeral on my aunt's sunporch and my sister had to point them out to me after sitting among the flowers for a while. So not the plan! I must tell you that I did have the rose petals put into an eternity candle and that candle is on our dresser.
Anway, the whole rose delivery fantasy was lost. Poor Rand! He also gave me Safari perfume that year. It lasted for three years. He then took me to Bahama Breeze because he heard it was a great date place. We left without eating because it looked so nasty and we ended up at Sonic sharing a brownie sundae. Since then the pressure to perform on Valentine's Day has sent him into "shut-down" mode and that is totally understandable. So, as you can tell Valentine's Day is not our best holiday!
I think Rand does a good job of showing me his love all 365 days each year. I do appreciate the thoughtful card he always gives me on Valentine's and the extra kisses. No need for more.
Whew, aren't you glad we can move on to Easter and focus on much bigger and fun things?!



lindsey said...

i totally agree about valentine's day. yes, the pink and frilly stuff are fun, but shouldn't we show people we love them all year round? and i know this is going to sound like i am a bitter single, but i really think it is kind of a made up holiday anyway. fun, though it may be - it is totally made up.