Saturday, February 16, 2008

a dress by me!

For some reason Abby and I have caught the sewing bug. I made 2 dresses, here is Anna's favorite one.

Yes, I realize this was the easiest of dresses to make, but indulge me please!

PS. She doesn't seem like a victim of strep and the flu does she?



Sisters said...

Perfect! It does look like that Kelly's Kids dress from last year! You go girl. I must post my creation next.

Flair said...

Really cute dress! I love your blog - its so cute!

Anonymous said...

love it. too bad I don't have any girls. I have caught the sewing bug too, Can I share my throw pillow on your post?? It is an accomplishment! My next project is a quilt. We'll see how long it takes me! cindy

Anonymous said...

Uh, Jules..Think maybe you could whip something together for Connie this Easter? It would sure save some bucks !