Friday, February 1, 2008

A clean garage!?!

Stephen has gone to New Orleans on a mission trip and will be gone all weekend, so I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and clean out the garage. You know, since he is out of town I won't feel the need to call and ask his permission to throw something away.

I know some of you looked at the picture and thought it was a "before" picture but it is most definitely an "after" picture ( I wouldn't have dared to even take a before picture!) Those of you that know me or have been to the house can attest to the fact that it is looking much better! Stephen joked at church about letting a lady park her car in our garage so that it would be in the shade, and some people-yes youDebbie!- knew that that was not going to be possible. It hasn't been a clean garage since Oct 18,2006-the day before we moved in! Now I have attempted to clean it but I have never thrown so much stuff away. I probably should have taken a picture of all the trash!

We are getting new furniture very soon-could even be today YEA!!!-I will take a picture of that and show it to you too!

HEY! Don't forget to keep praying for Abby. Her event is tomorrow and she has a lot going on. Pray that her volunteers will show up with good attitudes, that all the rental equipment comes in without a hitch, and that she can stay focused on the task at hand (and stop worrying about Becca's mom, etc...HA!) and also that this event raises more money than last year, so that even more children can attend ECS that can't afford it.

Love ya'll


Sisters said...

Wow, you can see the walls and the floor. I am most impressed. I think I can even spot a Sambo in there?!