Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday musings on a Tuesday!

**I'm not doing very well on my goal of reading non-fiction books. It turns out I just don't like them much.

**Last Sunday night Stephens phone rang while he was preaching! Too funny!

**As I was growing up and would visit my Grandad's church it always seemed that my grandmother knew all the word to the hymns. I desired then as a 10-12 year old to know all the words to all the hymns sung in church. I would like to tell you that after being a ministers wife for almost 15 years and a Christian for almost 30 years(is that possible?) I hardly need a hymnal anymore(or for those of you who look at a screen-at a screen). One goal pretty much accomplished.

**The kids and I went to the Goodwill store in Conway and loved it! What a great store if you like used clothes. I bought curtains with a valance, books, 2 hats(for crazy hat night at Awana-1 of them is Mickey Mouse ears), a pair of shorts for me for $12! Wow what a bargain!

**My kids are actually learning how to add, subtract and spell because of my teaching! WoW!

**Even short(less than 24 hour) trips to see my mom are worth the effort and time driving.



Sisters said...

I totally saw Meemaw singing at Garland when I read that. Can't you hear it?! Nice :)
Conway...without me...not fair!
I hope the little loves can help me with my math. I am in need of help right now. Call me...I will fill you in.

Nathan and Emily said...

I am glad to read that someone else doesn't like to read fiction books. I would much prefer non-fiction. Usually Oprah book club books are pretty ok, but Nathan says they rot my brain.