Monday, February 25, 2008

Leap Year Giveaway

We have decided to start monthly giveaways on our blog!!!
This month we are taking advantage of the 29 days in February and are giving away 29 scrapbook items. We love to scrapbook and have many items we don't use and we would love to share them with you. So, if you scrapbook and would love to have 29 odd and ends from our collection, please comment by Friday the 29th and we will put all the names in a bowl on that day. If we draw your name on win!
Let the commenting begin!


Anonymous said...

which one of your girls sent this fun blog. put my name in the pot.

cindy said...

Put my name in but if I win, Julie has to promise me a scrapbook weekend. I'll supply the plastic cups, cokes, and snickers. Please let me win!!!

Stephanie said...

Woo hoo sounds like fun girls!! I have just started sort of wanting to scrap book certain things. You could get me started in the right direction!!

Mandy said...

Of course you should count me in!!! I love to scrapbook, and you can never have too much scrapbook stuff! :)