Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentines Day to you all!
This morning while I was still lying in bed not wanting to wake up. David came into our bedroom all decked out in his pj shirt(which is to small-what happened to the days of my kids having great pj's?) a red and black striped tie around his neck and a towel over his arm, and a menu in his hand. I circled what I wanted (waffles-the frozen kind) and he then went to Stephen's side of the bed to get his order (poptarts). Daniel and Samuel came back with our food on a pretty silver platter and our breakfast plates adorned with a beautiful 4-olive garnish. Nothing speaks love to a person like green olives with blueberry waffles!
It was the sweetest expression of love from 4 children to their parents that I can think of. We have done nothing to celebrate this holiday, we haven't made cards, or paper hearts, (I have lost my romanticism), but they came through like gangbusters! What great kids.
I did take them to the store yesterday and let them pick out what they wanted for a V-Day gift, so I at least got them something but it wasn't anything like it should have been. I'm pretty sure they know of my great love for them though!
Back to the lack of ramanticism (is that a word?)- I have scheduled a babysitter(the kids favorite one!) for tonight and Stephen and I are going out to eat and maybe pick out throw pillows for the couch. How romantic!!!
Happy V-Day!!!!!
Love, Julie


Sisters said...

I just read this outloud in the office - I am crying just thinking about the olives and the tie. Oh, those boys are two peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

i read it out loud also at work. how precious is that. almost more than i can believe. oh my those wonderful children.


Anonymous said...

Hate I missed the Olives on my breakfast plate. I was thinking of my grandchildren this morning and how fortunate I am to have a quartet sent from God like them.
Also, those kids couldn't have better parents. Sorry I can't make the throw pillow shopping. Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience.
Love ya, YD

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. You have some great children. Mine who are grown haven't even called. Wnjoy while you can and they will let you.