Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Working In Some Cheer

This is me in my office sporting my most festive, slightly tacky, work wear for our Employee Christmas party. Last year most everyone participated and the most festive won a prize. I of course did not get the memo that no one was going to participate this year. I showed up to work in my little get up to find one other in festive head gear.I had on a leopard belt and zebra shoes to match the animal print in my Aunt Babs' vest. My shirt said "Santa Baby" in rhinestones and my hat matched the animal print. I was rocking it.

We had to sit upstairs/downstairs. We have production downstairs at our facility and office/design upstairs. I "had" to sit by Betty Jo. As you can see, we didn't mind it one bit. She has my Mawmaw's name and I adore that about her. I love this crazy cat. We sometimes have division between the upstairs and downstairs but I really don't. I love them all and make a point to visit with everyone. It was so fun sitting with my friend and playing dirty Santa with her. She was #1 and got to go first and last. Lucky duck!

Knight got the infamous Art Advertising tree. It was the dirtiest gift in the game last year and I ended up with it. One of the girls tried to steal it out of my house the week after the party, while visiting me, but got scared and shoved it in a cabinet in my living room. It took me a week to find it! It was been an ongoing joke all year. I regifted it this year. They all booed when they saw it and yelled "regift" but they loved it. Knight is excited to not have to buy a gift next year....regift it again!

Candace and I carrying the festive wear torch for the team. She ordered this fabulous fascinator off of Etsy. It has a nutcracker on it. She is the most creative and neatest person. It is a joy to work with her. She designed my Christmas card this year, if you received one. I was super pleased with what she came up with.

 And it would not be dirty Santa at Art Advertising without a little riff between Vicki and me. She fought me for the tree last year and tried to have it stolen from my house, and this year I stole her gift from her in hopes she would end up with the tree. Well, she didn't and the gift I took from her was a trick. It was a bag of coal with a hidden $25 Visa gift card. She is so mad at me once again....and it continues for another year!