Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas In The Fort

We had a super fun time in the Fort visiting mama. We all gathered together the weekend before Christmas for fun, food and gifts.

Mama gave me a surprise gift. The nativity my maternal great-grandmother made for my paternal grandparents. It was super cool and unexpected. I love that she wanted me to have it to display in my home.

Henry got way more than he could take in and loved the stick horse from his Marmie a whole bunch. He named it "Todd". Anna is so cute in her new monogram ballcap in this photo and Mama's grandma sized smile is precious. I love this crew.

Being at "home" with my sister is one of my highlights of Christmas. We have modified it a lot from what it used to be, but it still works and it produces lots of happiness. Our grandmother sent us gifts to open together. They were painted plates our great-grandmother had painted. We were both so excited to receive them.

Riding the train at the park is a fun tradition for our little crew. We missed Stephen and Samuel this year, but the ride had to go on without them! They had to head back home for the night to do Christmas music at church. We had  fun at the train and then downtown at the ferris wheel and carousel. Cold and cheery times in the Fort make for blissful memories.

 Seeing Mama light up with all of us together made my heart glad. She had a tough Spring this past year and it was a blessing to see her healthy, happy and as beautiful as ever this Christmas. Our little Christmas blessing.!

After a fun few days of being spoiled rotten at Marmie's, it was time to take Henry home to wait for Santa to arrive. He was indifferent on wanting to go, as you can see in his facial expression. His cousins might have tied even with Santa this year. Henry loves our Fab Four....but who doesn't?!
Christmas in the Fort was a wonderful time, once again.