Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Christmas Play

Sunday night Daniel, David, and Anna were in our church's children's Christmas program.

 Daniel tried out for the lead boy part in the play and got it! We were so proud of him. Daniel has had trouble with his speech for years, and just this past April was graduated from his twice-weekly speech appointments. So being the lead in the play was a huge big deal to us!
Faith and Julia had the other two lead roles. Aren't these a few of the cutest kids you've ever seen? David was a shepherd and had a small solo, Anna got to be Mary! She was so sweet looking, the sweetest Mary I've ever seen. I don't have a picture of either of them because they were out of costume faster than I realized. Trust me when I say they were VERY cute!

Nomi was the director of the play and this is a picture of her daughter Abi, and our friend Taylor, and Faith.
We are so grateful for the experience the kids had this year. They made awesome friends and awesome memories.