Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

I teach the Puggles class for our Awana program at church. We celebrated Jesus' birthday this past week. It was our last night to meet before Christmas. It was a fun night celebrating the real meaning of Christmas.

Henry is of course a Puggle and the teacher's pet. He gets there early each week with me and starts in before the other children arrive. He was playing with our classroom Little Tikes nativity. He loves it. He sometimes puts Jesus on top where the angel should go, but hey....Jesus does reign on high.

Here are some of our sweet Puggles enjoying a cupcake and blowing their horns in celebration of the birth of Jesus. They were so confused, bless them. They kept asking where Jesus was and Henry and Aubrie thought it was Henry's birthday party and asked for his presents. It was sort of funny and a wee bit sad thinking it confused them.

Our gift to Jesus was 6 grocery sacks of food for our church food pantry. I like teaching them service. We have done art projects for shut ins and that was a lot of fun for us and the people who received the art. This time I thought since the pantry was low and in desperate need, this was perfect.

Amanda and I walked them down to the pantry drop box in the preschool area and let them fill it up. It almost made me cry to watch them. They worked so hard and took it so serious. Henry said "We feed the people, mama. For Jesus!" They really don't get the scope of it all, but they get pieces of it. I pray each piece will fit into a beautiful puzzle of faith for them someday.

I made manager ornaments for each of them and then a photo ornament for them also. I know I loved having photo ornaments of myself from VBS and Sunday School growing up. The parents seemed excited to have both of them.

Our Puggles enjoyed celebrating Jesus and running around the tree and large nativity in the preschool at church. They exhaust me most Wednesday nights, yet put a spark in my spirit every week. This week was extra special. Happy Birthday to our Newborn King!



Kelley said...

How precious is this! My Mady is in Puggles. I help in her room. I love it!