Saturday, December 22, 2012

Twas' The night

The "Twas the night before Christmas" recorded book that my Daddy did for Henry a few years ago is a bedtime favorite right now. If you know my Daddy then you can only imagine how animated it is. It is fabulous fun to listen to. Henry loves it when he says our names in it. Henry will look in amazement and say "Granddaddy say my name, mama!"

 I was in Henry's room putting clothes and toys away while he listened to it, and glanced over to find him with his Santa hat on. He has a dress up/pretend bucket full of hats and such. He had grabbed it and put it on while I wasn't looking. I snuck into the kitchen to grab my camera and capture this little memory. Such a precious picture of my Christmas baby!

We are gearing up for Christmas this weekend with our trip to the Fort and then heading back to do Christmas in J'town. We are excited to celebrate the season with the ones we love!