Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Favorite Night

 Saturday night my Sunday School class had a Favorite Things Christmas party. It was so much fun. We were all to bring one of our favorite things for everyone in the class. These are a few that we received, a Coke (hello!!), a dishtowel, makeup remover & a handmade jewelry holder.
If you're here from Kelly's blog, this next picture is our tradition.
 I took these advent calendars. I don't know when we started using these as a part of our Christmas tradition, but I don't remember not ever having one. The calendar is numbered 1-24 and each number has a piece of chocolate behind it. It is such a fun way to countdown to Christmas. my kids love them!
This is Mrs. Brenda our Sunday School teacher, and my friend Stephanie. These two women have been instrumental in my spiritual life this past year. I had a picture of the whole class but I just deleted it while typing. (I really am a mess!) This group of women included me and loved me from the beginning. I'm sorry to not be with them every Sunday now, but love so much that they invited me to the party.

What would you take to a favorite things party?