Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas In J'Town

Christmas 2012 meant our 4th year of Christmas Eve matching pajamas at our house!

We three exchange ornaments on Christmas Eve as part of our little tradition in our pajamas. I loved the excitement this year. Randall was onery with his ornament, I was overly thoughtful and Henry was stoked over his.

Santa stopped by to leave Henry his silver truck like daddy's with a bobcat and a trailer and his "quitar". He asked for these specific things for the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas. Santa produced!

Henry thought it all so cool. He really didn't even know what to look at first or how to react to all the excitement on our den floor. I love seeing Christmas through his eyes.

Nana and Papa joined us again this year and we loved it. Henry was giving Nana her Woody ornament. Those 2 have a Toy Story bond like no other. It is pretty cute stuff.

Henry scored some new boots on Christmas Eve because word was out that it was going to Snow, snow, snow! He loved his boots and wanted to show them off.

And snow it did! Henry wanted to get out in it and play. We bundled him up and out we went.

We pulled him on the sled and threw snowballs over and over. It was so fun to have him at an age where he could participate. Henry reminded me of Ralphie's brother on The Christmas Story. It was priceless and so fun.

Christmas at our house was very special and memorable this year. We are blessed more than we deserve. Sharing the season with this little cutie in the snow made it even sweeter.