Thursday, December 20, 2012


You know I love a list, so here we go.

** I have felt so un-frazzled this Christmas. I don't know what the reason is for it, but I am loving it.

** Everytime I think about the stockings hanging in those homes in CT that won't be filled and gone through, my eyes fill with tears. Such sadness during this time.

** I've also been very mindful of Danny Elder & Gina Rodger's son Austin. He lost his life after falling off of a cliff. Gina is a few years older than me but we were in the same youth group at church. I have such funny memories of her. And Danny. Well, I have always loved Danny. And to know that they are hurting so badly, also brings tears to my eyes.

** By some strange happening, we have more presents under the tree for the boys than we do for Anna. She is not happy about it at all!! I don't know why she is so hard to buy for this year.

**My kids Christmas lists this year were funny. They contained requests for candy, coloring books, model plane glue (the blue kind) and underwear (but not pink, because HE already has that color!)

** I'm excited about the hope of seeing some good friends when we go home for Christmas. I love seeing faces that hold such fun memories.

** Speaking of "going home" for Christmas. I texted Abby and told her when we would be going home for Christmas. She texted back and said she was confused. Did going home mean going to Fort Smith or Pine Bluff? I thought it was funny. I still think of Fort Smith as home.

Ok, I'm off to clean the house and clean-out bedrooms, to make room for Christmas presents. This part of motherhood is no fun!!!