Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Show Me Those Teeth

 Henry was about as excited about the new ASU hire as his Daddy( note the newspaper headline)...and being at the dentist reading about it made it even more sour. He was not excited about opening his mouth after all he went through with his surgery last month. In hindsight, I should have waited a few more months to take him.

We went back and he sat in the chair and was most intrigued by the light above him. He was all excited about it at first but then decided he might not be that crazy about this experience after all.

  He reached for me to come sit with him, so I did. I held him while they tried to get him to show them his teeth. I love my dentist. He and the girls there are wonderful. My dentist took great care of me when I was pregnant and having terrible problems with my teeth. He called me on my cell after Henry's appointment to talk to me about it and see how he was doing. Seriously, who does that anymore?! He should let me do a commercial for him, honestly!

Henry finally showed the girls his teeth after a treasure chest bribe. Stella, our dentist's daughter, caught his eye and I think he was wanting to show off a bit for her also by shining his teeth for everyone. Whatever it took, he did it! They said he had great teeth.

He was so excited when they let him get 2 things out of the chest. What a fun first for our little Henry. They called this his "happy visit" and I think it proved to be happy by the glee on his face.



Kelley said...

That's fabulous that he had a great visit! What a big boy he is now!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!!

Melissa S.