Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wrong Observation

Do you remember my post from last week about the people at McDonald's? I wrote about the hostess and a man that flirted with her.

Well, there is the rest of the story. ( I said that with Paul Harvey's voice in my head.)

The kids and I went to a local church Sunday night (without Stephen, he had meetings to attend and we chose not to go with him) and I saw a lady that looked familiar. The kids didn't know her and I stood during a couple of songs trying to figure out who she was. Don't you hate it when you do that?

I finally figured it out! She was the hostess at McDonald's. And the man sitting next to her? He was the man from McDonald's! They are married!

I laughed out loud. I thought it was the funniest thing. I told David and he didn't seem to care, I told Samuel and he got it and laughed with me. We were the only people laughing while the congregation was singing Crown Him with Many Crowns. Irreverant? Maybe. Funny? Definintely.

I'm sitting here at McDonald's today trying to get up the nerve to tell them the story. But I just can't do it. I'm really quite shy, and hate to be embarrassed. And this would surely embarrass me!

So, I have learned a lesson. Just because I THINK I know what is going on with the people around me doesn't mean I do. And in this case, and I'm afraid most cases, I'm always wrong!

But I have laughed about this for the last two days. It brings a smile to my face. Today he asked her to go to Red Lobster for a Valentine's dinner. She said no. I laughed to myself. It was just like they were flirting, when actually she just wanted to go home and get in her pajama's.

I love these people. One of these days I'll tell them. Maybe, but probably not.