Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, For The Love!

"I mustache you a question?"

"Will you be my Happy Birfday Time?"
(How Henry says "Happy Valentine's cute!)

His daddy said "yes" and got some love with his coffee.
Cupid showed love to Henry with a Veggie Tales card, a big balloon, a red truck, Cars candy and a Mater teeth sucker.
He was most smitten with the red truck. Red is Henry's best color. He loves it. His teacher said this was Henry's day because it would be ALL red, ALL day. So funny, but true.

We gathered up our love soap for his teachers.

Next, we gathered up our bucket of mustaches for his little friends.

He had lots of mustache questions to ask and certainly scored many "birfday times" with his cute card and tasty, cute mustache cookies. (you must watch the video I posted last night in the previous post!)
I got to his school for the party and the mustache was no longer on his shirt. He had peeled it off. Oh, Henry! He was still a cutie without his 'stache!
Henry loves all his little friends. They are the sweetest little loves.

Speaking of love, Henry had to give a little sugar to his best girl Piper Jo.

He made special Valentines for his daddy and me. So sweet!
Henry enjoyed the ice cream party and his Shelby. I love how he is always saying "cheese" everytime I take his photo now. So silly!
It was time to see who wanted to be his Valentine. Henry analyzed everything in his sack. He was loved by all his friends, of course!
We went home and I made lasagna, asparagus, garlic bread and red velvet cupcakes for my boys.
Spending Valentine's Day with my sweetie added sparkle to my day. He was being silly with Henry and wearing Mr. Potato Head's Santa beard and I had on a lip sticker. We keep it real and full of love at our house, that is for sure!