Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Henry had his first official babysitter over the weekend while Randall and I drove to Memphis to eat oysters, mussels and other seafood goodness. You just can't eat like that in J'Town so driving a little ways is worth it sometimes.
Our cute little babysitter is one of Henry's afternoon teachers. He loves her and she asked me if she could babysit for us. I think I hugged her! She is the cutest thing. Shelby attends ASU and is good friends with the daughter of one of Julie's good friends. Henry loved playing with Shelby and we loved the little date night we had. She said he showed her everything in the house. I believe it. That is so my Henry!
This morning we were matchy-matchy in celebration of love week so we attempted a family photo before church. Henry was most excited about being permitted to stand on the couch that he skipped out on the "cheese".
So, we tried again. Taking a decent photo with a toddler is near impossible. I love how he is looking at me. That's my boy!
We had extended session at church this week. Lisa, our preschool director gave us a handpainting craft to make with the kids. We had no girls in our class this week. I made Henry participate unwillingly and the other boys cried and refused to do it. Randall got a kick out of the revolt. It is so funny to see the differences in boys and girls even at this young age. Those boys wanted to push trucks and cars around the room and had no time to stop and paint a picture . I must say, Henry's painting is super cute and hanging in my kitchen, like it or not.
These handsome boys make my heart glad. Henry and I got his daddy a little Valentine and plan to make a special supper for him Tuesday night. I love an excuse to be cheesy and mushy. Valentine's Day is fun times. Speaking of cheesy and mushy, this is a "bomb" made out of 3 rolls of Mentos that I left on Randall's desk in his office upstairs. He is my bomb and he loves Mentos! I think you can make this with Rolos also.


Kelley said...

What a cute Valentine! I think your pictures are great! Glad you had a fun date night!