Wednesday, February 8, 2012

9 Years Of Grins

9 years ago today I said "I do" to my Randall. I always loved this picture. It is in a little frame on my bedside table. It was taken in the brides room after the ceremony. I remember Mama and Mawmaw being afraid we might run off into a broom closet before the reception! We were so excited to finally be married, if you know what I mean! ha. I really like the Aqua Net can in the background the best. All good southern girls use Aqua Net for their 'dos.

This is possibly the most priceless photo I have in my album. Because I share this blog with my favorite sister, I thought it was finally time to show this little snapshot of us. I was taking my photos before the ceremony and feared I forgot my deodorant so like any good sister, Jules applied for me. There are too many reasons why I love this girl, just sayin! Wasn't she beautiful in that dress. I loved my wedding. It was perfect.

This was our first Christmas card photo. If you are familiar with our annual card, you know each year we have a photo card. This is what started the card tradition in 2003. I loved my cake and the arch over it. We looked so young and I looked so little. I want to be that little by my 10 year anniversary next year.

Next year we plan to celebrate 10 years in Hawaii. We celebrated our honeymoon in Branson. It was a bomb. Don't go on your honeymoon to Branson, and especially in February. We were suppose to go to a cottage in Eureka Springs. It had snowed in the night after our wedding. We got there despite the snow. We drove up on it and it was not at all as it appeared online. I was so sad. I cried and said "I can't stay here". So, we were totally naughty and we called them from the truck and told them the snow was too bad and we couldn't get up the mountain. They were nice enough to cancel our reservation and we kept driving until we got to Branson. We laugh about it now, but it was a sad subject for a while. This picture was taken at Landry's in Branson. We were all grins despite the situation. I like to think we are still all grins. I love this man of mine and I am so glad he made me his bride 9 years ago!

I found the one whom my soul loves.
Song of Solomon 3:4 (our wedding verse)



Kelley said...

Happy anniversary!