Thursday, February 23, 2012

He Meets Us Where We Are

I have three prayers I have prayed daily for the last three months. Two of them will be answered continually but one of them could only be answered once and was beyond my control.

Stephen and I have prayed that our children would find salvation in Jesus Christ at early ages. With our boys that prayer was answered. They were all saved before the age Anna is now.

In the last three months I've seen a marked difference in Anna and prayed fervently that God would draw Himself to her and she would accept His forgiveness and salvation. She has been the most affected spiritually through all of this and I couldn't bear to see her turn from Him, although it is what she seemed to be doing.

Saturday night after I had tucked the kids in for the night (they all were sleeping in the same room for some reason), Anna came into the kitchen where I was. She began talking to me and I realized where the conversation was heading. Stephen had talked to the boys about salvation, this was the first time I was going to be in on the actual "come to Jesus" meeting. I was beyond excited!

We talked about Jesus being God's Son and dying so that our sins would be forgiven. She knew all about the ins and outs of that. She's been in church since she was a week old, she should know it all! HA!

But, more than just having head knowledge she knew it in the deepest part of her soul. She knew she needed the Lord. And I got to be with her when she prayed! Oh, God is so good isn't he?

She received the Lord's forgiveness in a home being lent to us by friends at a time of uncertainty in our lives. (Don't get me wrong, we are certain we are to plant a church, it's just the getting there part thats tough. Stephen doesn't think there is any uncertainty at all. It's just the woman in me!)

God meets us where we are people! I'm thankful that He does!!!