Friday, February 17, 2012

Setting Fire To The Rain In Shame

My Henry knows most all the words to this song. He belts it out in this funny, graspy voice and throws a fit when it is over and begs for me to play it again. Randall played it in the den the other night because he had not witnessed Henry's performance and had to hear it for himself. He was shocked, stunned and tried not to laugh. I did laugh. I wish I had videoed Henry's performance. He was twirling around the room and belting it out. I think our jaws were on the floor watching him.

Santa put the CD in my stocking so I blame it on him. Up to this point we have played Praise Baby and Sunday School Song CDS in my car. Santa made me go secular! Henry knows words to so many hymns and Bible songs it is amazing, but now he knows Adele and that is just plain wrong! I know she won 6 Grammy's but I am not thrilled that my little sponge gets in the car and yells "I want fire rain!" and kicks until I turn it to track 5. Oh me...back to Praise Baby ASAP. Shame on this little Mama!

It does make me think of Julie singing Delta Dawn while standing in the front seat of the car when she was 3 or 4 and makes me feel not so bad. At least he is strapped in!



The Family Marsico said...

Lord, girl, don't feel too terribly bad about it! My kids favorite music is off the Glee soundtrack and they sing and belt along to all that mess. For a long time Janson't favorite song was Bust a Move. Talk about wrong! But they know all those hymns and bible songs and Sunday school songs, too, and love them just as much. A good foundation is what they need, but as long we we're going to roll in the deep, it's hard to expect they won't too. And I am rolling!

Kelley said...

Ha! That is so cute! Love it! My oldest loved Alvin and the Chipmunks for a while. We had to listen to "All the Single Ladies" on that. It is really something in chipmunk style.