Monday, February 27, 2012

Wanna Dance...You Betcha!

I was asked to participate in Wanna Dance this year. It is a fundraising event for the Woman's Discovery Center here in Jonesboro. I was asked when I moved to town in 2008 but the job I was in dictated my every move and they would not allow me to represent them in this event, so I had to bow out. I love that I now have my life back and can represent my company in such a fun event for a great cause.
They team up 16 women and 16 men in the community who can potentially raise a good amount of money. The winner is not who dances the best, but who raises the most. As the website and Facebook page gets up and running, I will share the links so you can see what it is all about and donate!
My partner is Barry. He works at our local Chamber. He is a hoot and a half. We are gonna have some serious fun I am afraid!

This is Barry and me together at our planning lunch. We met with our dance instructor Libii. We are going to mimic our dance after the video below. We will of course modify it quite a bit, as I will NOT be doing the upside down splits in the air! We plan on making the routine a secret on facebook since that is where most of our traffic will, hush...hush!

Stay tuned for updates. We meet tonight for our first practice. This should be a hoot!