Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grocery Fun

Grocery shopping sometimes becomes a necessary evil for me on the weekends. Lately it has become an outing for us because of Henry's love for the red car. Our Kroger has red, blue and green car carts. He only likes red. My fear of arriving to only blue car carts haunts me, so sometimes I leave him with his Daddy during nap time and champion the shopping trip alone.
Kroger is our place. He begs for Kroger. I took him to Harp's one week recently and they only had green car carts and he refused to get in one and instead laid down in the regular cart on top of the groceries out of protest. We quickly returned to Kroger. It is frustrating and cute.
Last week I ran into a sweet friend and she shared a little cookie and balloon secret. Thanks to her, this past weekend's Kroger trip was an event.

We scored a red car cart, so it started out super. It got even better when we got to the bakery and got Henry's complimentary iced sugar cookie. He was sweet and told the lady "thank you" with his mouth full of cookie. Am I the only one that has taken my child in Kroger 50 gillion times and had no idea he could get a free cookie?! Hello. Score!
The only bad thing about this is my Paleolithic crossfit trainer was in the store with us and witnessed the cookie crumbs on my sweet Henry. I begged him to be nice to be about it. He was...whew. Henry has a way of winning people over...even cavemen! I truly do not shop in Kroger anymore without running into someone from crossfit. It is great accountability, I tell ya!

We approached the back of the store to finish up our shopping and he got a red balloon with a red string from the sweet floral lady. He actually stood up in the car cart and stuck his head out to watch her blow it up for him. He could not get his hands on it fast enough. She even tied a weight to it so it would not float away. He told her "thank you" with a huge smile on his face.

It was like a party...a ride, a cookie and a balloon. The best part is that is cost me nothing. Kroger rocks! I hear other chains do this also. Check out your local grocer and find out if your shopping trips could be made a little easier with your little love. It actually made the dreaded weekly grocery trip a fun time. Henry is now begging for Kroger. Funny boy.



The Family Marsico said...

WHAT?!? How have I missed this for the 2+ years that I have lived here and been a loyal Kroger shopper? Thanks for the info. Maybe now I won't be afraid to take my kids to the store.