Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Cup Tale

The other day we had used up all of our plastic cups and our regular glasses. I don't know what it is about our family of six, but we can go thru glasses and cups like crazy. I'm pretty picky about my cups.
My favorite cup is a red plastic cup. It reminds me of my local Pizza Inn when I was growing up. I have a history with these cups. When we were first married I accidentally took one from a restaurant in our small town. I was mortified and returned it quickly and quietly to the owner. He, however, didn't let it remain quiet, and reminded me frequently of my accident. He knew I wanted that cup.

We had these same cups at our last church, I took one home and intended to take it back. But since I didn't know my last time there was my last time there I still have it. And I love it!

But, back to the story. I was thirsty, I had no can coke and no plastic cup. (HORRORS!) I was becoming stressed about the situation. My thirst won out over my need to drink from my favorite cup. I went to the cabinet that held our china. We have three china patterns and many crystal glasses that we never use except at holidays and when I'm feeling special. HA!

I chose a beautiful glass, filled it with ice and sweet tea. It was a rather exquisite experience. I laid on my bed, read my Kindle and drank from my beautiful glass.

The next day I walked into my room and looked at my nightstand. There sat a neat stack of books, a beautiful lamp and my beautiful crystal glass. It was then that I realized I truly enjoy the finer things. I think we'll be eating off of those "good' dishes tonight!