Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I do most of my blogging from a McDonald's. I come here after I drop the kids off at Liberty for school on Tuesday. I park in the same parking spot, order the same thing, and sit at the same table.

I am not the only one with a routine here. There are four tables full of older men, drinking coffee and talking. They aren't longtime friends. Many of them don't know each other outside of this restaurant. But they laugh, and share stories like they've known each other forever.

My favorite person here is the hostess. She talks to the women and flirts with the men. Once those men sit down they never have to get back up again, she refills their coffee for them, fetches them napkins and cleans up their messes. She smiles, and laughs with them and seems to love this job.

There is one man here that is sweet on her, he is always trying to steal a kiss from her. It makes me smile everytime he tries. There is always a policeman or 2 or 3 here also. They are friendly and likable, I'm proud they serve in my town.

Today a man came in with a baggie of fruit and ordered a cup of coffee. I guess McDonald's doesn't mind what you bring in to eat. I'm going to stick with ordering a burrito and a coke in a Styrofoam cup. No need to upset the routine!

Do you have a routine? What does it include?