Monday, February 6, 2012

A Chick and Cupcake Weekend

Saturday morning we went on a breakfast date to Chick with Piper and Amie. Henry could not have been any happier to have Piper, chicken and hashbrowns. The playground was just the cherry on top. I love visiting with Amie and I do love some chicken, so we were both happy.

Henry loved watching Piper go up and down the slide. He only went up once and that is because I went up with him. That child is a mess! He just cheers for Piper from the safety of the ground. He loves her.
Amie had to go up and tend to the lovebirds once or twice. They are so much fun. I just love Piper and Henry...and Amie!

Sunday we did church and lunch at Zaxby's as we always do. It is sort of funny that when we load Henry in the truck after church he always says "I want bies"(aka -French fries)...he knows. I will say that this Sunday I asked him what he learned about in Sunday School and he yelled with a grin "Jesus" Randall and I beamed all the way to Zaxby's. Nothing is finer than seeing your child light up in the name of Jesus. He then walked around the house all day Sunday saying "God is love". Sweetness.

Sunday afternoon Randall's mother "Nonnie" came to see us for a few hours and play with Henry. After Nonnie left we had our own little Super Bowl Party. My boys loved the fattening spread I prepared. Here is what we ate:

link to the recipe for Pizza Dip - super sinful and yummy with garlic bread

Here is the recipe for bacon wrapped lil smokies - I got lil smokies, wrapped them in bacon, poured melted butter over them and sprinkled them with brown sugar. I let them cook for 45 minutes on 400. They were sinful!

link to these fun Valentine cupcakes (i made them strawberry and with cream cheese icing)

Bt the way....Shaun has found a match from Friday and his grin could not have been any bigger at work today. I loved it and am praying it works out if it is God's will. So cool!


Kelley said...

Henry is so cute! Love what he is saying these days! Precious!