Sunday, June 5, 2011


We took a quick trip to Branson over the weekend. We are becoming really good at the 24-hour trip!

Stephen's parents met us up there. We made use of our Silver Dollar City season passes and our refillable mugs and had a great time! It is such a great amusement park. Very family friendly and not afraid to share the Gospel of Christ. You just have to love a place like that.

I forgot my camera. I took one picture of the kids with my phone but I took it in the hotel, not real exciting. And it was without Samuel. Samuel was with the Puppet team from church in Memphis. They did a couple of puppet shows and hung out around Memphis for the weekend.

When we were leaving Branson Saturday afternoon, Stephen's parents decided to take the twins home with them, so Anna was an only child for a bit over the weekend. And believe it or not, she didn't love it. She really missed her "boys". I guess I spoil her so much she didn't feel any extra treatment with them gone! HA!

So, tell me what amusement park you like the best!



Kelley said...

We love Branson and Silver Dollar City. We like to go to zoos too. So far Ft. Worth has the best one.