Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Loving These Toddler Times

Henry is staying with me for a few days this week. He is the cutest thing! I'm trying to teach him to say "Juju is pretty". He hasn't said it yet, but I'm pretty sure he will soon!

This is also VBS week at church. I'm so excited that he gets to go to Bible School with my kids. It's special. But it is a hectic week.

Today we had an appointment in Pine Bluff and it was raining. I mean really raining and it was 68 degrees. Crazy June day! I had to go grocery shopping so Henry, D&D & I headed to the store. In the pouring down rain. I had forgotten how having older kids makes everything seem so easy.

I had to open the umbrella, get out of the car, open the side door, position the umbrella so neither of us got wet, unbuckle him from the carseat, get him on my hip, position the umbrella so we don't get wet, close the door, lock the door and go inside. I had flashbacks of doing that with two and I was never so proud that Henry wasn't a twin!!

He did great, never cried, he didn't even get very wet.

Moms of toddlers, your job is hard. Everyday it's hard. But don't give up. Don't give in. Do the best you can, with a smile on your face, love that baby! It will soon end. And he will run across the parking lot to get out of the rain while you're still trying to lock the car door. Time passes quickly. Enjoy it all!