Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Land o Lakes

I have walked this path and steps too many times to count these past few days. Isn't it pretty?! We came here last year and found ourselves here again. Randall's company hosts a family retreat each year on the Gull Lake in Minnesota and this resort seems to be a fave of the group. It is nice that he works for a company that not only makes great butter, but values family and rewards spouses for their support during the busy seasons. I had a fabulous spa day provided by his company while he sat in meetings all day. I never splurge on spa type things, so it was super fun to spend someone elses money for a little pampering.

We drove over to the Mississippi River outside of Baxter, MN one afternoon. It starts in Minnesota. This is not it, but it is as far as we were willing to drive! It was so different than the Mississippi River we see back home. We parked and walked over the bridge. Randall was actually standing on the concrete wall with 4 lanes of interstate traffic roaring behind him. The things we do for a photo!

And we do not travel any place without posing with a statue or dorky object. We started this when we were dating. This was this our dorky object for this little trip...a VW Bug with a cow welded to the back of it. It was a beef vendor visiting our resort. Fun times with the hubs!

It has been a nice time in the land of 10,000 lakes, but I am ready to get back home and see my curly headed baby boy!



Kelley said...

I bet you all had a blast! It looks beautiful there!