Thursday, June 2, 2011

Death and a dryer

Let me start by saying I am afraid of hard work. I'm afraid of sweating. Somewhere inside me something tells me that if I work hard and sweat I might die. It isn't logical, but it is what happens in my head. Sad, I know.

Our patio could be so cute, but it isn't because of the hard work/sweat problem I just mentioned, but a couple of days last week Daniel and I headed outside to shovel up some dirt and make things look a little better. We were a tad bit successful! Woo-Hoo for us. While doing the work, and thinking I might die at any moment I told Daniel that if I were to die and his daddy were to remarry that he needed to like the new wife. I also told him to make sure she knew I was awesome! That I liked adventure, I liked to hike, I was skinny and beautiful. I told him these things twice. And like a good son, he said, "ok Mom". I love that kid! I just hope Stephen gets rid of my clothes so she doesn't see the big-girl clothes in the closet. I would hate for her to think Daniel lied! HA!

Friday we had a strange electrical event at our house. The dryer smelled hot. I mean HOT! and the freezer in the garage had fire behind the outlet. The two things are in no way connected to each other. See, strange! Anyway Stephen fixed the freezer issue, but the dryer wouldn't dry. So, yesterday I went to the Laundromat. Fun times, really. I spent $17 and 1hour and 20 minutes and got all my laundry washed, dried and folded. Yes, it was a deal. I came home to find that there was nothing wrong with our dryer. The breaker wasn't turned all the way on, so it would run just not heat. Who knew that could happen?

This morning I woke up, washed a load of clothes, put them in the dryer, pressed start and NOTHING!!! My dryer doesn't work!!! I can't begin to understand. But it looks as if hard work and sweat may be involved in fixing the situation, so I am calling for help!!



kathy said...

As your mother, I really hate to burst your bubble on the sweat and die theory. The problem with you not wanting to sweat is a condition known as laziness!! Don't think I am getting on to you, it is because I have that same problem.

love you