Friday, June 10, 2011

Food Friday

I am taking the week off. Forgive me and come back next week. I have had a food-filled week cooking a meal for a family in our church who had a baby, cooking a casserole for a Sunday school party this weekend, making a cake for my hubs because I love him too much to feed him another box of little Debbie's, and then cooking & decorating a cake for a shower this weekend. I have also cooked meals for my little family of 3 each day this week. I have made mostly recipes I have shared with you before, so there is nothing new to report and the creative food juices are not flowing except on this shower cake..and even that is going to be a stretch. I think it is the heat...the older I get the worse this heat gets to me. I am only 32....mercy!

My little foodie and I wish you a restful weekend and we hope you can have some fun in the kitchen wearing your aprons too!

Happy Food Friday Anyway!



Kelley said...

Your haircut is so cute!