Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sharing Memories

Henry is back with his mom and dad. I texted Abby today and told her that he really didn't want to leave my house and we would meet them Saturday instead of today. She texted back something like, "BRING HIM BACK NOW!!"

I enjoyed having Henry the last 5 days. We had lots of fun and memories were made. But I want to share two of the highlights with you.

**Wednesday we skyped with Abby and Randall using Samuel's ipod touch. Henry was so cute, he would take the ipod away from Samuel and say "Mama, Daddy" It was so sweet looking at his little face looking at his parents. There just isn't anything like the love of a child!

**I rocked Henry to sleep at night. I rocked him differently than his mom does. I rocked him slow and softly told him stories about our family. Abby was five when our grandfather died and I was 13, so I figured I remembered more about Papaw than she did and told him stories about him. I told him how Papaw fought in the war, how he loved Mamaw. That Papaw loved his grandchildren fiercely. I told him about Papaw buying me a Christmas present on the last Christmas he was alive and how special it was to me. (The year was 1982. Pens that had the time & date had hit the market and I thought they were the coolest thing ever!. I told him how much I liked them and he bought one for me. This year is 2011, and I still have that pen in a dresser drawer.) I got teary while telling him stories about Papaw. He was such a great man! I was so glad to be able to tell Henry my memories of him.

He never did say "Juju is pretty". It wasn't for lack of me working on him! I'm hoping he says it at his house. I can't wait for that text or phone call!

I have to run now. It's the last night of VBS, and I have work to do!



Anonymous said...

JuJu ISSSS pretty!!!! I'm so glad you remember stories about Papaw to tell to Henry...and its because I think Henry looks SO much like him!
You are a great aunt!!


Anonymous said...

Julie and Abby, I love reading your posts. They are so full of love for each other and for your families. There is no greater gift than your family and the way you share that love with each other and with those of us reading is pure joy!! Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

I love this post and that you remember the great stories of heroes from our past. You are a great mother and teacher.