Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wanna Dance...Done!

Posing for our professional pic. We couldn't have made a crazier pair!
Getting Jiggy with it

Making our rounds at the chamber's Business Expo

About to hit the stage - Me, Libii and Barry
I realized I have not posted anything about Wanna Dance since my original post. My spring has been so wacky that I forgot to update you on this crazy experience.
We practiced like it was our job, we laughed until we cried or even peed, we moaned and groaned with and at each other, we bonded like crazy glue, we nixed the Lindi for a 32 count hop in place to keep Barry sane, we did some yoga and lots of toe stretches for Libbi, we saw more of each other than we ever intended, and we raised a good chunk of change for the Woman's Discovery Center.
 We danced twice for the community and had a ball doing it. I would post the dance on here but it is way too long...and embarrassing! It was loud, crazy and flashy. I am sure my Sunday School class prayed for me all the way home after coming to watch us.
Barry was the most forgiving and funniest partner ever and Libii was the most encouraging and spirited coach ever. I am blessed to call these two friends for life...but I am not sure I want to dance with them again. My dancing shoes are going on Ebay!



Kelley said...

How cute you two look! What a great cause!