Friday, May 18, 2012

And Then There Was One

Anna has been our only child this week. Samuel is in Florida on his friend's family vacation and Daniel and David are in Ft. Smith at the grandparents.

We've known about Samuel's trip for months but D & D decided Monday that they would like to go home with Stephen's parents. I said yes, his parents said yes, they packed their clothes and were gone before we could change our minds.

You should have seen Anna's face! She was glowing. We asked her if she wanted to go and she said NO! She was so excited about a week by herself.

She is a stay at home kind of girl, so our days were spent at home for the most part, we got active when Stephen came home. We went to a Traveler's game, played golf and shopped a bit in Little Rock. We've had fun.

I have enjoyed her so much. You know I spend a great amount of time with my children but having one at a time has been fun. I always felt like I was missing something or that one of the boys would be coming in the room though. I have also had to cook for three, that's been a bit weird.

All my boys come home today, it's going to be great to all be together again. Although I don't think Anna is all that excited.