Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Few Pictures

These are a few pictures from our life the last few days. It has been pretty normal around here. We're finishing up the school year, so our days are pretty much our own now. It doesn't seem like we've been home very much, running errands, visiting friends. Just going places and doing things. Friday night Stephen and I found ourselves unexpectedly alone for the evening. We went out to eat, shopped a little bit and had so much fun together. If you are married please devote time to your spouse. If it means putting the kids to bed early, or getting up the nerve to ask a friend to babysit, do it! It's important!

 This is Daniel, the 11 year old. He was so proud to show off the two flies he killed with his hands. My mom said he either had quick hands or they were slow flies! Daniel's shirt says "I'm the evil twin", approiate for this event!
Saturday we went to a few garage sales and David found this helmet. I knew when I saw it that it would be coming home with us. I mean how could David pass up an airsoft helmet with camo burlap glued on it? Well, he just couldn't, he's 11 and loves all things military!
Last Thursday Stephen and I went to a business expo in town. It was held at the convention center and when we were leaving we noticed the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame. I didn't even know my town had such a museum. We went in and looked around, there are tons of famous people right here from Arkansas. This is Stephen standing in front of the Glen Campbell's gold record for Rhinestone Cowboy. Stephen loves that song and used to sing it as a child. The funny thing is that when I was 8, Daddy wanted to take me to see Star Wars but I couldn't go because I had to sing Rhinestone Cowboy at a talent show my neighbor and I were putting on for our neighbors on my front porch. The ticket price was a nickel, and people came!! I didn't even know Stephen then, but I'm pretty sure if he had heard me sing we wouldn't be married now! HA!