Sunday, May 6, 2012


Saturday morning we picked strawberries. We literally got out of bed, threw on clothes and left the house by 7. Randall said it was not one of our finer outings and to not waste time getting we didn't. I was glad in the end because we were covered in dirt and mud. What fun it was though.

 Here are our berries. It was a family affair. We all picked some, some of us more than others, of course. I didn't think it looked like very many berries until it came time to clean and cap them. Oh my...I had no idea what I was in for. So, I got busy looking for recipes because something had to be done with all the fruit of my labor!

I made 4 pies. I had never made a strawberry pie before and had not eaten very many of them either, so this was a new venture. It took me a small forever because I had to quadruple the recipe for the glaze. I must say, the pies are near perfect and all wrapped up in the freezer for some sweet summer nights. Here is the recipe I used:

So, the next recipe was strawberry freezer jam. I had never made jam, so this was also an adventure. It was super easy and I think it will be super yummy. Win! I love winning in the kitchen. Easy and gets no better than that. Here is the recipe for this wonderful treat:

I also have berries capped in the freezer and another batch pureed and frozen for more jam. What fun we had and now I can say I have made fresh fruit pies and jam. I may be a country girl after all!



Kelley said...

That is fabulous! Your pies look delicious!