Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Big Guy

See the kid on the right? That would be the 14 year old boy that lives in outhouse. (Hollye brought to my attention that I had typed outhouse instead of our house. That's funny! We're city folks now, we don't even have an outhouse!) However, he isn't here this week.

This week he's in Ft. Smith at the grandparents house. It's his second week away since school got out. Next week will be the third week away, he'll be at camp.

It's strange without him home. I'm having to drive everywhere, and my schedule is pretty much my own. When he's home I am riding in the front seat while he drives to mow lawns. This is his second year to have a lawn mowing business. This year he's in business with two friends and they're making some good money. I'm a bit jealous.

In a month he'll be going to Dallas with the youth group. They're going to a Rangers game and Six Flags, doesn't that sound like fun?! Well, it sounds hot, but fun. Three days, two nights and he's paying his own way! Oh yes!! Sadly, he won't pay my way, so i'll be home doing laundry and cleaning toilets.

Samuel is growing up to be, as my grandmother loved to say, a fine Christian young man. He makes mistakes, afterall he is 14. But he has a kind heart and sweet spirit. I'm blessed to be his mom.