Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

What a fun day Mother's Day is! A day to celebrate, honor and love on moms. I don't ever remember doing Mother's Day good enough for my mom when I was growing up. Even as a young adult I didn't do it well.

Abby is the best gift giver and celebrator. She does it up right. Her cards arrive on time, she gives the best gifts and just does a great job of honoring mom. Mom knows it, I know it and Abby knows it. It's just the way it is in our family. No hard feelings, just honest.

This year is a different year for me on this Mother's Day. For a few weeks this spring things got pretty stressful when it came to my mom, as you know. I  never thought she was going to die (apparently Abby and I the only ones!) I just knew it was going to take some time to get her better but I had all the faith that she was going to walk right out of that hospital ( I forgot you have to be pushed out in a wheelchair!)

Those three weeks in the hospital were a learning time for me. My mom has always been healthy, she is the person I can count on to talk to, cry with, complain to, gripe with, gossip with ( I know, I know), and be loved by. The first two of those weeks she wasn't in the best condition to do those things. she really didn't even want people to talk in her room the first week. It was weird not having mom as she's supposed to be. And the second week, when she was sedated, couldn't talk and seemed unhappy, it was just awful. I remember writing my thoughts down one night and all I wrote was " I just want to hear her voice".

I'm so thankful God healed her in a timely manner. I will not take her for granted anymore. I know so many of you have lost your mothers, I can imagine this is a sad and difficult day to get through. I will be praying for you today. Praying for comfort, great memroies, and a remembrance of the love you shared.

Happy Mother's Day!


Kelley said...

Gorgeous picture! Happy Mother's Day!

Matt and Jolee said...

Love the picture!!