Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What A Difference A Night Makes

Just ask Henry Patton!

That poor little love of mine is so allergic to mosquitoes it is sad. It took three days for his eye to go back to normal. He woke up that morning saying "My Eye" because he could not open it. It was quite a sight to see and warranted a trip to the doctor. All was well and Benedryl fixed it in due time. 
I love the above quote because it is so true. We sometimes think we are too small to make a difference but look how that little hungry bug made a huge difference in my sweet boy's life for 3 long days.

My sweet Sunday School friends, Shannon and Stacy
 It made me think about the Pregnancy Resource Center banquet last week. I serve on the executive board at the PRC and have a passion to save babies and help pregnant girls learn about Jesus' love for them and their unborn babies. Randall and I hosted a table and invited 3 couple friends to sit with us. They were all aware of  the Center but not active in supporting it or volunteering. Our simply asking them to come to the banquet resulted in donations from all 3 couples and a 1 of the girls is interested in volunteering her time. So, a simple "hey, can you come sit at our table?" resulted in big things for the kingdom and our community. I just love that! Think big, even if your efforts and resources seem small. God rewards it all. 



Kelley said...

Oh My Word! Bless his heart! I hope the mosquitoes leave him alone.