Monday, May 7, 2012

Watch out Pine Bluff!

We have a new driver in the family!

Samuel turned 14 in October. In Arkansas you can get a learners permit and then you can drive as long as there is an adult licensed driver with you when you're 14. Samuel was is in no hurry to take his test. He would make comments like "I don't want to study for it". I wouldn't let him practice without taking the test and he seemed fine with that.

And then a friend got his permit, another one took the test and I guess he decided he didn't want to be left out. He studied this weekend, I took him yesterday afternoon and he passed his written test the first time! He was so excited. So was I!

I let him drive a couple of times yesterday and today he wants to drive even more. I will say he drives pretty good. And he's driving a mini-van, it's a lot bigger than what I learned to drive in. And a lot bigger than the motorcycle that he really wants to drive. Oh me!