Monday, May 28, 2012

The Heart Speaks

From out of the mouth the heart speaks. If that is the case then my Henry forever has a praise song on his heart because he is singing them or requesting to hear them all the time. We are taking advantage of it like crazy, as you can imagine. He is a sponge right now and knowing he wants to listen to his Praise Baby CD's or my praise CD's or Daddy's K-Love station is a warm fuzzy to the soul. He doesn't sing the words right but he is precious in how he tries his hardest to belt it out. He calls his Praise Baby CD's "Halleluia". He will get in his carseat and say "Mama, I want Halleluia" or he will say "Mama, I want Blessing and Donder" or he will tell his daddy, "I want roar lion". If you are up on contemporary Christian music...decode that! Ha. It is so fun watching him learn about the love of  Christ.