Friday, October 29, 2010

Va,Va,Va' Broom!

This is our grandmother. She has the best broom in her neighborhood. We also think she is the prettiest one in her neighborhood ( Sorry, are pretty too!). We are loving her vest...only our Mawmaw! What a doll.

Their neighborhood had a Halloween party and a broom decorating contest (what a FUN idea!) and Mawmaw's broom won, hands down! She has lent it to her hairdresser who is taking it as her own to another broom contest this weekend in a neighboring town. Cheaters! ha.
We love seeing all the things sticking out of this broom. I (Abby) spot a little shoe that says "Attitude is Everything" that I gave her to hang in her kitchen..and honestly, when you are riding a broom your attitude is everything! We also love the large skeleton. So funny to see that hanging there all big and bold. It has "UD" written all over it. It must have been his idea. So cute!

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!
Julie & Abby

Food Friday

It is Food Friday and we will start this week with the little foodie eating his cracker ALL BY HIMSELF. Last week he mastered the sippie cup and this week he mastered the cracker!

Henry feeding himself results in a large mess, but I just take a deep breath and don't look down until it is over. ha!

He is such a happy boy...with 2 new lower front teeth coming in. Somebody stop the clock...he is growing way too fast!

My friend, Sara gave me a sourdough bread starter. I have never experimented with this, so it is a first and a huge unknown for me. I fed it on Saturday but was not brave enough to dive into it, so I waited until last night's feeding to brave dough making.

It was surprisingly easy to make the dough...messy, but easy. I had to go to the store and buy flour because I opened my canister and I could see the bottom of it. Not cool.

I made the dough and placed it in my Granny's bowl. She was my great-grandmother and she used this bowl to set her dough in for it to rise. She was a little angel on earth. I had a "moment" in the kitchen putting this dough in her bowl. It made me laugh and I could hear her cute little laughter too from the walls of my heart. I know she gets a kick out of watching me in the kitchen from her mansion in the sky.

I have to let the dough rise all day and then put it in the pans and let it rise some no bread photos this week. Next week I will post the finished product!

It is insane things like this that happen in my kitchen. This is one of too many burns to count. I burned my fingers Sunday on the back of the toaster oven. I forgot it was on and I went behind it to unplug the crock pot and brushed the hot metal. It hurt SO BAD. I had swelling and oozing and all that gross stuff going on with my fingers for 3 days. This picture is 4 days after the burn. The only good thing about a bad kitchen burn is that it forces someone else to clean up the mess and finish the meal. Poor Randall. He says he is getting me a double pair of welding gloves for Christmas and until then we are eating out every meal! I honestly could do a post on my kitchen burns. It is really ridiculous.

Does anyone love a little "joy juice" in the festive can as much as I do?! Randall bought a pack of Diet Coke and put it in "his" fridge in the garage and did not bother to notify the joy juice drinker...hello! I found this while hunting up some water. "Hi, I am Abby Jo and I am a Diet Cokeacholic." So, I treated myself to a frosty can of joy this morning and was so excited to see the snowflakes. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...YAY!!!

Happy Food Friday!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A trip Northeast

Stephen and I got home yesterday from the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. I got to meet so many minister's wives Monday at our luncheon. I just love those women. They have a heart for the Lord, their husbands and the people in their congregations. Do me a favor and go hug on your ministers' wives next time you see them, or don't even wait until then. Seek them out and let them know how special they are to you. You may not know them well, you may not know that they do anything "special" for your church. But trust me, they do! Go love on them.

While in Jonesboro I got to visit with a few special people in my life. Betty O. is like a grandmother to us. That woman loves us like we were her own children, and we love her that much in return. I always try to see her when I go see Abby. Abby, Henry and I went in the afternoon, thinking that she wouldn't cook for us. Everything she cooks is delish! But she cooked anyway! She made her famous chicken salad, cheese pie with strawberries, cookies and popcorn balls for us to take home with us. It was so nice to sit down and get to hear her talk. I love her so much.

These girls are my very best friends. Who would have ever thought that when I moved to a town of 1,700 when I was 23 and newly married that I would have found such wonderful friends? But we did! Jill is married to Nathan(the middle guy in the picture below) She was the pianist at church when Stephen was minister of music, he made her cry once. He has never forgotten it and neither has she! Dana is married to Tracy(the guy on the left). When we met her daughter was three years old, and not a big fan of mine. Now Kaley is a freshman in college and likes me a little better!

These guys are my favorite guys ever! Oh, the laughs I can recall between the 6 of us. The trips, the meals, the stories. I will be forever grateful that God saw fit to put such Godly, loving friends in our young lives at such an important time.
And since we were in Jonesboro, I got to see this guy. He wasn't nearly as taken with me as I was with him, but we had our moments! He is just so precious. He looks in real life just as cute as he does in his pictures. One of these days he is going to call his Juju and want me to bring him to my house and rescue him from his parents. I just can't wait!

Who knew I could be in so many pictures in one blog post!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soul Sisters

Julie is in my town this week...whoo hoo! She invited me to hang out with the pastor's wives on Monday and we were able to get a hug and a fun picture with our blog friend, Judy. She is the mother of the infamous, Kelly of Kelly's Korner. She was as genuine and sweet and she appears on her blog. We loved meeting you in person, Judy!

Julie invited me to a luncheon with all these ladies. It was fun to be apart of Julie's world for a bit. I know nothing about being a preachers wife other than watching my Meemaw and now my sister. I enjoyed getting to meet other women like my sister and understand her world a bit more. I love that she reads the Bible on her Kindle...only Julie!

Julie has such a heart for ministry. I loved listening to her share bits and pieces of her testimony to these women. She was so real, funny and loving. It made me so proud to call her mine!

Julie's Friend Lisa came from another state to speak to the ladies in this fine group. I loved meeting her in person. She was a lot of fun and such a delight to visit with. She came to my house to meet Henry before we took her back to the airport in Memphis. Henry is rather famous from this blog and my Facebook page. Bless it. I thought it was so cute when he went right to her, but cried when Juju tried to take him. So funny!

Having a few days to love on my sweet sister has been a blessing this week. I hate the Fab Four is not here with us, but I am getting over it...slowly! ha. Henry loves having his aunt and uncle all to himself and they are loving having their only nephew to themselves. It is fun times!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food Friday

Fall means it is time for some Caramel apples! I got this wild idea to make them and invite some of my best girls to join me for the fun.

Henry was unsure about the commotion in his kitchen. You know he has taken a real liking to the kitchen lately. He made the best of it, thankfully!

Brittni made us a pumpkin Bundt cake and brought that smiling face that I thank God for so, so often...but not often enough! She is such a sweet, fun friend. I do think she could give the Pioneer Woman a run for her money though...she is a sassy farmers wife and a citified country girl who can do anything. I just love it.

Brittni and I stuck cookie pop sticks in the apples instead of the wooden Popsicle sticks that come with the caramels. We thought this was much more "Martha Stewartish". We both hate this picture, but it shows what real, tired mamas look like whose husbands spend all fall harvesting in the fields. Do you have pity for me yet....didn't think so?! hee hee
While we were preparing the apples for their caramel coating, Andrew and Henry shared Henry's toys. (Juju bought him this stacker toy the moment she found out I was pregnant) I loved how sweet they were to each other. I pray that God will give him sweet friends, and this is one of them...thank you, Lord!

Oh, yeah....Andrew was there with his mom, Sara. She is me in a different body...and she is much sweeter than me, but pretty much the same person. We laugh about it. LaShay also joined us with her cute little Noah. LaShay is my kind, savvy fashionista friend who helps me keep it real. Food Friday is so much fun this week...don't you think?!

Ok, back to the main event...the apples.
We followed the directions on the back of the candy bag. 1 bag, 1 tbsp milk, melt, stir and dip! We dipped the apples and then scraped the excess off with a spoon. We then dipped some in crushed up Heath Bar and then some in crushed up peanuts. We did leave some plain also. We put them on wax paper to dry and placed them in the fridge for a bit.

After they set we placed them in cellophane bags and tied them with festive ribbon. Festive, Fun and yummy!!
What cute little gifts to give people or to eat yourself. I encourage you to have a caramel apple event with your family or friends. It is inexpensive, fun and yummy!
Note: Do not get wise and think you can thin out the caramel with extra milk to make it go further. We tried it with several apples and it was a big bomb. We learned that lesson the hard way.

Ok, he was in the beginning of this post, but I had to give him his Food Friday due attention like always. He has decided to take a liking to the sippie cup, after throwing it in the floor for the past 2 months.
"Look at me...I can do it, I can do it!"

"Hey, dude, I can do it with one hand!"

"Yay!!! I am a big boy, Mama!"

P.S. Melissa Jane, Mama, Julie and Randall: He is wearing the infamous "Hanging Out in Charleston t-shirt" in the sippie cup photos. I thought it was worthy of posting. Ha! I detest that shirt...just sayin.

Happy Food Friday!

Show Us Your Life - Henry's Room

I know the Show Us Your Life blog hops are not something we usually participate in. We try so hard to not act "showy" in our posts. Yet, today...I am going to boast, brag and show off my baby boy's room, by forgive me in advance!!!
Call me proud, but I am when it comes to this room. I worked hard on this room last year and I want to show it off....Seriously, if Randall came home today and said we had to move...I would cry only because the thought of leaving this room behind. CRAZY, I know...but I am serious.

Henry's room is unique but it was crafted with love.
I knew I did not want an "out of the box" baby room. I spent a few months researching and looking at all sorts of things. I had a girls room folder and a boys room folder. I found out it was a boy and I happily went with the boy idea and never looked back (I secretly wanted a boy the whole time). There were times my husband, mother-in-law, mother and sister looked at me like I had lost my mind, but it came together just as I had pictured it in my crazy head...but better! I love that it was an act of love. Henry's room is one of my favorite places to sit and relax because it is filled with so much love and it is the one room Randall let me have 100% say in. I love that!! ha.

This bookshelf is behind the door. I am not sure why the person that built this house thought that was a good idea, but it is what it is. I love having space to display things, even if no one sees it most of the time! My J'Town Melissa made the "Henry" wreath that hung on my hospital door. Randall and I painted the letters and I made the blessing ring that hangs from the closet door knob.
I just love this picture Lindsey took when he was 10 days old...I had to add it.

The changing area is one of THE most unique parts of Henry's room. If you have been to my house you know how extremely strange this area of Henry's room is. We made it into a changing area and replaced the existing mural with a new one. Our dear family friend, Genia painted Henry's mural as a gift to him. We love it. Henry smiles at the little boy and has started talking gibberish to him sometimes. It is cute.

I love the bat, ball, glove and bag of marbles. I also love the stuffed animals that sit in this little changing area. What is a baby's room with out some stuffed love?!

I really love the barn. I see this view when I am rocking him and I love it. Anyway, I use this wicker basket for all my changing things. It works well and Henry likes to grab it and push it closer to him. That doesn't work so well though....ha.

This was taken a year ago...look at the date! It has changed a wee bit, but I did not have a current picture on my computer and taking a new one for this post is not something I deemed a priority. We now have a tractor rocker by the toy box and some play tractors sitting there also. The diaper cake is gone and a cute piggy bank sits in its place. We also have photos in most of the frames now!

My in-laws bought Henry's bed and my mother-in-law made the bedding, pillows and curtains. She says she is no pro, but I beg to differ! Randall hung the "Every good and perfect gift.." verse above Henry's bed last Fall after the bed was put into its place. I loved it so much, and love it even more that my sweet boy is right underneath it now!
Lindsey and I painted the canvases last October. We are not paint artists at all. We truly lucked out in our attempt to give the boy some wall art. We signed the back of them because we know they will be worth big bucks some day! :) My mom's friend Susy made the "Henry" frame. Randall and I bought the rocker and we had the old nightstand. Randall just restained it and put new knobs on it. We are a crafty bunch, I tell ya!

The best part about this room is this little guy, Henry Patton. Thank you for letting me be proud and boast about his room. I promise to not participate in the Show Us Your Life blog hops again unless it is this one was! ha.


Ode To Fall

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love fall! November is my favorite month, and we are getting awfully close to it. I just can't wait.

The sad thing is, we are still wearing shorts and flip-flops around here. It is so warm. I love to drink hot chocolate at high school football games, but it hasn't been cold enough for that yet, and there are only 3 games left!! I'm hoping for some post-season games though. Have I told you before about my love for high-school football? I love it. The parents, the coaches, the players, the band and cheerleaders. I love it all. At times, after the schools alma mater is played Stephen and I sing the NHS alma-mater just for old times sake. ( And for you BIC folks, we've begun singing the BIC alma mater too. Go Mustangs!!)

Because of the lack of rain in September and October our county has a burn ban. So there are no camp-fires, no roasted marshmallows. But thats ok, because who wants to roast a marshmallow with shorts and flip-flops on?

This has also become my busiest time of the year. I took over the cubmaster position for our town's cub scouts last year. The fundraiser for the cub scouts is popcorn and it is sold in September and October, with the order being place towards the end of October. So, all orders come to me, I sort them out and place the order. It doesn't sound like much but then I add...

I'm also on the team that puts together the Minister's Wives Luncheon for the state minister's wives. It is also held at the end of October or first of November. This year it will be held next Monday, in Jonesboro!! (Imagine my delight to get to hold my Henry! I just can't wait. And to spend time with Abby. God was smiling at me the day this all came about!) So, I am busy tying up loose ends with it. Because we are so kind, we take registration up to the. very.last.minute, so women are still registering and this year looks to be a banner year! We are so excited!!

I'm also teaching the kids, cleaning my house (maybe or maybe not), teaching my Sunday School class, teaching the Sparks class in AWANA, and reviewing products for a homeschool website.

Can I just tell you that I love the busy-ness of it. The chaotic, and hectic-ness of it not so much. But it comes with the territory, as my mom would say.

Are you loving fall? Are you staying busy? Do you want to come to the Minister's Wives Luncheon? My bloggy friend Lisa McKay is speaking, its going to be great!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Henry's Flower

"Yay! It was "Henry" day at the Posey Peddler yesterday and I got a free flower! Mama and I were driving by and she saw the sign said if your name was Henry or Hannah you got a free flower. You know my Mama...she just went right ahead and whipped into a parking spot and took me right inside. I think they were shocked when she told them I was a Henry and I was not an old man standing there, but a little fella. All the ladies came out and made over me. I get that alot though. I am one handsome Henry. I can't help it. They let me have any flower I wanted. I got a sunflower."

"I love the yellow part the best."

"Mama, I think we need to get a vase out of the cabinet. We have to keep my "Henry" flower pretty so we can show Daddy when he comes home this week. He thinks you are funny for seeing the sign and taking me in there. We don't want him to miss out on seeing this thing! "

" Mama, I think you should put the flower closer to me...really, Mama...I promise I won't push it over again. I am sorry I got your table all wet the first time and caused a little commotion. I just like touching the yellow part, I can't help it!"

"Ahhh, see my pretty "Henry" flower, blog people?! I pulled a yellow piece off and tasted it. I won't be doing that again!"

(AKA - Abby)

Update on Daniel

We took Daniel for a check-up on his arm yesterday. The doctor says its looking good. It is still crooked, so much that I really can't stand to look at it! That's a grand thing for a mother to say isn't it?! The lady that took the x-rays(I know she has a professional name like x-ray tech, but she was such a pretty lady and so nice to Daniel I just couldn't give her a generic name like that) came back to us after the she took the first one and said, " Lets see if we can get one with your arm more straight!" I laughed and so did Daniel! It wasn't getting any straighter than it showed the first time!

So, we go back in 3 months for another x-ray and to be dismissed from his care. YAY!!! I'm so thankful for good doctors. Our doctor may not be the most personable doctor we could have found, but he is thorough and has done a good job.

We've noticed the arm that was broken has a lot of black hair on it. I mean A LOT, and it goes all the way to his hand. Very unlike his right arm, where the hair is light and stops around his wrist, like all non-monkey's. And the skin feels different on his arm. So, yesterday I asked the doctor about it. I prefaced my question with, "I'm sure this doesn't have anything to do with his arm, but instead his cast....." and he said no, that in fact it did have something to do with the break. Apparently there is more blood flow to his arm to help it heal and that affects hair growth and his skin. Who knew???!!!

So, there you go. The update on Daniel's arm. He is gaining strength in it daily and can move it really good. He has done his exercises daily, he has done so good through all of this.

All the kids received their report cards yesterday. They all got A's and B's. David got all A's, he's proud and wanted to boast a bit about it. The others quickly put a stop to that!! HA! They did good for their first quarter in a new grade level. I was glad, but they better do better next quarter!!! HA!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch

Standing on a big mound of cotton with my boys...

while at the pumpkin patch in Randall's home town this week.

Randall and I had never been to a pumpkin patch. It was a memory for all of us. I do think Henry was the cutest pumpkin in the patch, don't you?!

Randall said the pumpkins were in a gourd patch and not a pumpkin patch. They were brought into the patch. I had to laugh...only Randall. Henry loved all the pumpkins. We did not buy him one there though because in true Randall and Abby fashion we realized the same pumpkin was $3.80 at Walmart!

Henry and his Daddy are too cute.
I loved that we got to take Nana with us. Nana loved it too.
Henry loved playing with all the pumpkins on the ground. It was really cute to watch him.
Henry and his Nana are a perfect pair.

These photos made me laugh.
Taking these with a 10 month old is not real easy.

I heart this one the most!
Look at the facial expressions....crack me up!

I may be out of touch, but I do not remember anyone going to a pumpkin patch when I was a kid. Is this a new fad/craze that started over the past decade? None the less, it was a fun memory and I am sure we will continue to find a patch to visit each year...and then swing by Walmart and buy Henry a pumpkin on the way home!