Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update on Daniel

We took Daniel for a check-up on his arm yesterday. The doctor says its looking good. It is still crooked, so much that I really can't stand to look at it! That's a grand thing for a mother to say isn't it?! The lady that took the x-rays(I know she has a professional name like x-ray tech, but she was such a pretty lady and so nice to Daniel I just couldn't give her a generic name like that) came back to us after the she took the first one and said, " Lets see if we can get one with your arm more straight!" I laughed and so did Daniel! It wasn't getting any straighter than it showed the first time!

So, we go back in 3 months for another x-ray and to be dismissed from his care. YAY!!! I'm so thankful for good doctors. Our doctor may not be the most personable doctor we could have found, but he is thorough and has done a good job.

We've noticed the arm that was broken has a lot of black hair on it. I mean A LOT, and it goes all the way to his hand. Very unlike his right arm, where the hair is light and stops around his wrist, like all non-monkey's. And the skin feels different on his arm. So, yesterday I asked the doctor about it. I prefaced my question with, "I'm sure this doesn't have anything to do with his arm, but instead his cast....." and he said no, that in fact it did have something to do with the break. Apparently there is more blood flow to his arm to help it heal and that affects hair growth and his skin. Who knew???!!!

So, there you go. The update on Daniel's arm. He is gaining strength in it daily and can move it really good. He has done his exercises daily, he has done so good through all of this.

All the kids received their report cards yesterday. They all got A's and B's. David got all A's, he's proud and wanted to boast a bit about it. The others quickly put a stop to that!! HA! They did good for their first quarter in a new grade level. I was glad, but they better do better next quarter!!! HA!



Sisters said...

I realized no one commented on this yet and I was saddened that no one took the time to say...what a WONDERFUL post about Daniel's arm...PRAISE! Also, what a great student body you have at your on those grades! I am one proud auntie!