Monday, October 4, 2010

A loving Parent

God is so good at revealing Himself in such ordinary, everyday events. He turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I know from my many years of being a lover of God that He wants a relationship with me. He wants daily talks and He desires my interaction with Him. He also wants me to love His other children, to be a family with them.

A couple of my children are struggling right now. Part of their punishment I've given is time alone in their bedrooms. Time away from me and their siblings.

As I've had a couple of days to experience the lack of their companionship, I've missed them. I've missed their voices, laughter, and the relationship that we share day in and day out.

I'm thinking that God feels the same way about us. He loved us so much, He created us and satisfied the requirement so that we can not only have our present with Him, but also our eternity.

I love my children so very much, but it isn't anything like the love God has for them or for me.
I hate not having a right relationship with my kids. My heart is grieved that they have chosen to act in such a way that would result in a punishment of being kept apart from me.

And isn't that just what we do with God? We choose to act in such a way that separates us from Him and He is grieved. Now, I know that once we are saved we are always saved. Once you ask Jesus to become the Lord of your life He is in your life for good! Nothing is taking Him away from you. It is like He has been sewn into you.

But our sin puts a distance between God and us. Confessing our sins will heal that distance. And that is something we need to do daily.

Now, I'm going to go visit some children in their bedrooms. Hug on them and let them know they are loved by me and by God.



Tara said...

Julie, I love you posts like this. Thanks! I needed that:)


Anonymous said...

I got a little teary eyed reading Julie's posting. What a Godly mother she is. I thank God daily for letting me play a small part in raising two wonderful daughters like Julie and Abby. I also thank Kathy because a Godly mother is always a daughter's best friend.